Profile of Xiling Snow Mountain

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  Xiling Scenic Spot is a world nature heritage, the habitat of pandas, as well as the major scenic resorts of China. This scenic spot is situated in Dayi County, the west part of Sichuan Basin. It is 95km from Chengdu, and it covers an area of 482 square kilometers. The highest peak in this area, Snow Pond, is 5,364 meters above sea level, and it is also the highest peak in Chengdu. Snow on the Snow Pond persists throughout the year, so the view from the peak is magnificent. Looking out into the distance, Du Fu, the poem sage of the Tang Dynasty wrote the following poem lines for Xiling Snow Mountain during his residency in the Thatched Cottage: “Snow accumulated through thousands years on the Xiling Snow Mountains could be viewed within a glance from the window. While ships from the Eastern-Wu State of miles away, are anchoring in the dock outside the house then”. It is just for this poem that Xiling Snow Mountain got its name.

  The traffic from Chengdu to Xiling Snow Mountain is very convenient. Starting from Chengdu, you can arrive at Flying Water, a scenic spot of Front Xiling Snow Mountain in less than two hours, and arrive at the skiing field in about two hours. Situated in a three-dimentional temperature zone, the Xiling scenic spot is suitable for traveling in all seasons. With bright mountain flowers in spring, limpid waterfalls in summer, bright maple leaves in autumn and charming snow in winter, Xiling Snow Moutain has been classified as a mountain tourist & holiday resort for sightseeing, field exploration, leisure sport and scientific and technological research. In summer, its highest temperature is 25℃, and its average temperature in winter is about 0℃.

  Just as the name implies, the senic spot “Flying Water” in the front mountain is famous for its water. It is fed by the melting water from “Snow Pond”, the highest mountain in Chengdu (at an altitude of 5364m). It water is clean, cool and rich in minerals, and it is the source of ancient Chu river rushing through for tens of thousands of years.

  The ski field in the back mountain is the warmest ski field in China, and it is also the largest ski field, alpine grass ski field, grassland leisure playground and mountain leisure sport base in the south of China. From the end of November to the end of March, the snow fallen here can be accumulated for a thickness of more than 60cm, thus forming the unique Snowy Forest in the south of China. Moreover, the ski field is reputed to be “Oriental Alps” by visitors. A sightseeing ropeway with a distance of 2500m and a drop height of 1000m is built in the scenic spot. it not only connects the ski field with Sun&Moon Terrace but also provides visitors with a panoramic view of alpine landscape including virgin forest, sunrise, light of Buddha, sea of clouds, Yin-Yang Boundary, and Sunlight over Golden Mountain.

  Phantasmagoric landscapes fill four seasons, beautiful sceneries create romance, and this is Xiling Snow Mountain.